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ASIA BUSINESS CONSULTING Co., Ltd. (hereafter, “the company”) recognizes the importance of the information we got from every stakeholders, and think that is one of the important operational subjects to protect the information as base activity of the company.

To provide the service that customers feel relief, safe and reliable, we decided the following basic policy and make it to be known and obeyed by all employees.

1. Basic policy

The company follows the personal information protection act, related law and criterion. Besides, we established company’s regulation (the company’s regulation) related to personal information protection and implement it together with continuous improvement activities.
The company built the control system related to personal information protection and made it be known and obeyed by employees.
The company will use the personal information within the scope of use which customer indicated. And the company will not disclose the personal information provided by customer to third party except the case we got approval by customer or reasonable excuse.
The company will keep the personal information in accurate and latest status, and protect injustice access to the personal information, leakage of the personal information, loss and damage of the personal information, and reinforce, improve the information security continuously.
The company will sincerely and speedily response to the question about personal information and claim for discloser from customer.

2. Purpose of use of personal information

In case the company get personal information provided by customer, the company will ask customer to indicate the purpose of use of the personal information in advance, then use those personal information within the scope of use. In case the company needs to use customer’s personal information beyond the scope of use that customer indicated, the company will contact customer and get approval before use. Purpose of use of personal information that the company has is as following.

Personal information about customer
Business negotiation, meeting with customer etc.
Sending products, documents
Sending information for service, event etc.
Providing customer support, maintenance
Responding to the questions, consultation
Providing membership system service
Service development, survey by questionnaire, monitoring etc.
Contract implementation
Personal information about applicant for recruitment
Providing / informing the recruitment information to applicant (included internship)
Recruitment process control of the company

3. Proper acquisition of personal information

The company will acquire the personal information by proper and fair method.

4. Providing personal information

The company will not disclose customer’s personal information except the following cases.
In case the company got approval from customer
In case it is prescribed by law
In case it is needed to safe human life, body and property, and it is hard to get approval from customer
In case the company got consignment of using personal information within the necessary scope to achieve the purpose of use.
In case the succession of business is executed due to affiliation, corporate separation, transfer of business and other reasons
Regardless of (1) above, in case the company decided that is appropriate to let a company related to the company or an agent to provide the service or response to the question, the company will provide the customer’s address, name, telephone number and other information to that relating companies. In this case, customer can ask the company to stop providing customer’s personal information to that relating companies.

5. Question related to personal information

Please use question form to ask the company to disclose, correct or eliminate customer’s personal information.

6. Others

1. About accessing information
Please note that this website will obtain access log information to provide better service. The purpose of obtaining access log information is not for specifying customer’s personal information.

2. About cookie
This website use cookie in some part of the website to make you use comfortably. Onaly cookie and IP address information cannot used to identify specific person, so it is not considered as personal information. Furthermore, it is possible to deny cookie information by setting the browser.

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